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Zimpatica Appian World

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Appian World




As we all switched to virtual events and conferences due to COVID 19, Zimpatica found the kiosk they originally sponsored for the international conference, Appian World 2020, was now a virtual booth. They had a limited area in which they could showcase their logo and a graphic or video and less than a week to deliver them. They developed an innovative way to engage with potential clients by creating an Appian demo site in chich clients could interact with the platform, learn about their company and engage in activities to for points and win prizes. They needed an animation that encompassed their value as a company and directed traffic to their demo-site.


We decided to take a straightforward approach with a clear and emotive message acknowledging the current situation the world has found itself in but to quickly pivot to an engaging and inspiring solution. We focused on establishing Zimparica as an innovative company that’s ready to meet the new challenges head-on and through that point clients to the demo-site so they could see for themselves. The video was a huge success and increased client engagement drastically, drawing in viewers with the colorful yet professional presentation, and directing them to interact with the demo site.